The garden on the roof

Roof Garden. An innovative method of influence on the ecological state of the urban environment.

Сад на крыше. Инновационный метод воздействия на экологическое состояние окружающей среды города.

The well-known expression “the future is born today” has a direct bearing on the problem of the garden on the artificial ground today on the increase, and certainly has a bright future in the world.

Today in New York, for example, there are nearly ten thousand places with green roofs. They fountains and grow berries, placed an apiary and a multitude of real birch grove. At first they were organized over the cellars and granaries, then these gardens have appeared on many profitable and private homes. At the beginning of the last century they were built even with a fountain and a rose garden. In the cities in recent years, there are high-rise projects of gardening, but all the same it’s just experimenting. The faster this trend is developing only in private houses.

If the house is flat roof – this is an excellent opportunity for arranging it on the garden, and most of this – with the alpine slide, gazebo, pond and waterfall and other original garden accessories that you like. For some reason, some people consider projects for green roof is not serious.

There is much talk about the functional areas of residential space, but imagine living without a complete picture of ornamental plants is almost impossible.