1 thought on “Garden Update_Planting More Vegetables

    Moe Fanta

    (June 28, 2018 - 9:22 pm)

    I have been struggling this year , my plants are 6 plus feet tall but not flowering much not a lot of sun.Other farmers and gardeners have reported the same in my area south Florida and a lot of farmers up north just started!! I have only had 5 cucumbers and tomatoes 50 or so but usually by this time of the year I have 500 plus all my nieghbors and fam are asking me where my tomato’s this year and I can barely make a basket.hopefully god blesses us a bit more this year before summer 100+ when you have to water 3 times a day to keep ur crops.but thanks for sharing I love all your videos and I love the kids in the garden ! God bless

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