6 thoughts on “2016 Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Lionfish Invitational

    simon becker

    (February 27, 2018 - 3:13 pm)

    unprotected reefs seem to be pretty dead these days…
    not much left in our oceans, the lionfish invasion is only a small part of a huge problem we created….

    Greg Nelson

    (February 27, 2018 - 3:13 pm)

    How do you get an invite? How many times a year do you go? Is there some sort of training like other islands require prior to letting you hunt lion fish in Texas?

    Vakama 905

    (February 27, 2018 - 3:13 pm)

    I love all the shots of the fish, and that ray at the beginning was pretty cool as well. Man, I wish I lived somewhere with decent diving. Sadly, the only diving around me is very cold and very silty, with just about nothing to see. I guess I'll just have to convince my dad to go on more vacations so we can dive. Keep it up!

    Dick Gibson

    (February 27, 2018 - 3:13 pm)

    Great job, except, you are making me hungry!!
    Way kool man

    Shane K

    (February 27, 2018 - 3:13 pm)

    Sweet! I went to alligator reaf this summer hoping to get some lion fish and never seen the first one, I know that's a good thing but still.


    (February 27, 2018 - 3:13 pm)

    I want your job, but only during trips like this.

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